Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Opening Hours? Do You Close For Lunch?

  • We are open from 8:30am to 6:30pm
  • We do not close the surgery for lunch, however for non-emergency queries please call/come to reception after 9:30am.

Can I Register With Your Practice Online/Face To Face?

You can register with our practice online or face to face

I Moved Homes And I Live Outside Of The Catchment Area. Can I Still Be Registered With You?

We are not currently registering patients outside our catchment area of UB3 and UB4. Please check your postcode with our boundary map.

How Will I Book A Routine, Emergency And Follow Up Appointment?

  • Routine appointments can be booked online, over the telephone or in person at the surgery. They are pre-bookable up to one week in advance
  • If you qualify for an emergency appointment, then please call at 8:30 to obtain a same day appointment
  • Follow up appointments can be booked depending on GPs advice. Please consult your GP before you speak to reception

Can I Book An Appointment Or Cancel Online?

You can book and cancel routine and nurse appointments online. Please check with reception on how you can be registered online if you are over 16 years old

What Time Are Your Emergency Appointments Released?

They are released daily at 8:30am except weekends and Bank holidays

What Does Emergency Telephone Triage Mean?

  • It is an emergency telephone appointment directly with one of our GPs where you have a consultation to discuss your emergency queries over the telephone
  • Once you have spoken to the GP it is decided if a face to face assessment is needed. The GP will book a face to face appointment with you directly if this is the case

When Can I Request A Home Visit?

You can contact us directly if a home visit is needed, preferably before 10am.

How Do I Access My Medical Records?

o access your medical records please forward your written request to the reception desk. Please allow 20 working days to prepare. You can also access your medical records online if you are registered with Patient Access.

Can I Request A Prescription Over The Telephone?

  • We do not accept any medication request over the phone. For patient safety we encourage you to request your medications yourself to avoid any inaccuracies
  • You can request your medications by putting it in writing and handing it in at reception, request online and via email

How Long Does It Take For My Medication To Be Sent To The Pharmacy?

It will generally take two working days for your medications to be sent to your nominated pharmacy, or you can collect your paper prescription from reception 2 days from the time of making the request.

Can A Family Member Collect My Prescription On My Behalf?

Due to data protection, we are unable to give your prescription to a third party without your consent

What Time Can I Call For My Test Results And How Long Does It Take?

For test results, please contact reception anytime after 1 pm. The results are usually back from the laboratory within 7 working days

How Can I Request A Sick Note?

  • Please note that you can obtain self-certification from your employer for the 1st 7 days of your sickness and you do not have to request a sick note from the surgery. If however, in the 1st 7 days, your employer requests a sick note from the GP, this will be private, and can be requested online, via email or at reception, and you will be charged a fee.
  • After the 1st 7 days off, you may request a NHS sick note after you have seen the GP.
  • If it is an ongoing/continued sick note, then you can request it in writing via emailonline or make a request at the reception desk

Do I Need An Appointment For The GP To Sign My Exemption Or MATB1 Form?

  • MATB1 forms can either be filled by your midwife or if needed you can drop the form into reception and we will forward it to one of our GPs
  • It will take 2 working days for the form to be ready

Can I Discuss A Referral Or Medication Review Over The Telephone?

A referral or medication review can be discussed over the telephone unless the GP requests a face to face appointment

Can I Book An Appointment With The GP To Sign My DVLA Form?

  • Please bring your form to reception to be checked, once it is approved we can then book an appointment with the GP to discuss/fill the form in with you
  • Please note that there will be a charge for this service, the price will be confirmed once we see your form

How Do I Make A Complaint?

We aim to resolve concerns patients may have immediately, however if you feel you need to complain formally please contact reception for more information or via our feedback form.